About Us

AVGO Middle East is a private company operated by experienced professionals from the freight forwarding and courier industry. We bridge the gap between companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx and the typical freight companies in UAE. AVGO Middle East is a licensed, GCAA approved DG transporter. Our staff are certified and trained to IATA standard, with a minimum of five years’ experience in handling DG shipments. Our services are designed to match your needs and every solution is tailored to your requirements. We provide an end-to-end service for our customers and take pride in our superior follow up and proactive communication. It is imperative for AVGO to understand each of our customers and what is important to them. AVGO is the one stop shop for all your dangerous goods transportation.

Created in 2006 by Adrian Valvona and Geoff Oswald, their initials when joined together form the company’s name AVGO. Striving for the best standards with a mission to fulfill their customers needs, they have earned a reputation as the Dangerous Goods Experts in the industry.

Our Mission Statement

"AVGO provides reliable and consistent delivery of Dangerous Goods transportation and associated services Worldwide. We do this by combining the know-how and the attitude of our employees with the speed of transit of our Global network to achieve the fastest delivery for our customers’ shipments. We will be known as a trusted company that does not cut corners but strives to protect its’ customers and employees in all aspect of Dangerous Goods handling." -Geoff Oswald, CEO